Sunday, December 12, 2010

I was scanning the New York times when I stumbled upon an article titled " Where did god go in Afghanistan?" In the article, Atheists and Religious soldiers debate whether it is possible for a person to not to prey to god, also they debate about whether it is necessary to prey to god. There has always been an argument between atheists and Religious people, mainly about if god is real? and if science can actually prove the existence of the world.
       Atheists always argued that if God does exist why do so many people die even when they prey to him, in war, strangely enough that doesn't always matter, what does matter is what you are when entering the war . War makes you feel... small, vulnerable, the only way people can actually feel slightly secure is to prey to god. Though, if you come into the war as a believer and see the hell going on around, you will eventually question " How could god let such things happen?" later on you could come out as an atheist. Of course this isn't the only place where the two sides collide, this also happens in public places, like school. Atheists have also questioned " Why when you ask god for something he doesn't give it to you immediately? Well imagine such a world with free will and free power? Okay ill make it simpler Free will+ Free power= Anarchy.
       Now even though there will always be debates and fights on both sides, I just wanted to remind people that even though we all are different... doesn't mean we can disrespect each other's perspectives.