Sunday, December 12, 2010

I was scanning the New York times when I stumbled upon an article titled " Where did god go in Afghanistan?" In the article, Atheists and Religious soldiers debate whether it is possible for a person to not to prey to god, also they debate about whether it is necessary to prey to god. There has always been an argument between atheists and Religious people, mainly about if god is real? and if science can actually prove the existence of the world.
       Atheists always argued that if God does exist why do so many people die even when they prey to him, in war, strangely enough that doesn't always matter, what does matter is what you are when entering the war . War makes you feel... small, vulnerable, the only way people can actually feel slightly secure is to prey to god. Though, if you come into the war as a believer and see the hell going on around, you will eventually question " How could god let such things happen?" later on you could come out as an atheist. Of course this isn't the only place where the two sides collide, this also happens in public places, like school. Atheists have also questioned " Why when you ask god for something he doesn't give it to you immediately? Well imagine such a world with free will and free power? Okay ill make it simpler Free will+ Free power= Anarchy.
       Now even though there will always be debates and fights on both sides, I just wanted to remind people that even though we all are different... doesn't mean we can disrespect each other's perspectives.


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

why not?

As everybody knows, Leonard Cohen and I say, horrible, unspeakable and ugly things happen during war. Many turn to god, some don't and many  cant understand how somebody couldn't, during war time... Well I'm here to express my theory.
        Whether you believe or don't believe in god during war time, sometimes it depends on who you started out as before. For example you might be an atheist  and end up as a believer, vi ca- versa. Why? because for believers when you see yours friends die, when you see guts lying around, it all makes you question how god could let things like this happen? how? why?. For non-believers its the other way around, when they come and experience war, they realize how small and vulnerable they are. Who can they look up to? who can protect them if not themselves? It all points to god, it gives them hope that they are now being protected by a guardian angel, from above.

No peace in the middle east

Many people around the world believe and have faith that there will be peace in the Israeli-Arab conflict, personally... I'm not sure that will happen.
       To prove my theory, there are historic facts like the war between Lebanon and Israel in 2000, when the UN forced Israel to move back from Lebanon, shortly after Hezbollah soldiers attacked and in 2006, Israel was forced to go back and fight another war. There are also historical events like the six day war, in which Syria, Egypt, Palestine, etc attacked Israel. Also later, in the 1970's, Egypt counter-attacked, trying to wipe out the Israelis.
       In general Israel is opened to any immigrants from any Arab country but yet still, bombs and gunfights are still going. Peace negotiations aren't going to help anyway because each sides claims that Israel belongs to them, only one is right. I hope one day both sides make an agreement but for now the only thing that's gonna be popping for possibly the next several decades, is the the same thing that has been going on for thousands of years, in Israel, war,war,war.

Monday, November 8, 2010

       MS51 is a generally nice school, with nice people.... well... that depends on who you are.
       For some reason Ive noticed a heavy concentration of negative energy among my classmates and peers. Mean things have been said, sometimes for really no reason, except maybe to provoke or to bring attention to an individual. Well to understand where this all came from I thought about the usual nature of how people turn nasty, eventually I hit a conclusion. Usually all this happens depending on how a person is treated in school or even at home. For example peers of a person might jokingly say something rude to his/her friend, now even though its a joke the person might take seriously, this might break down his/her self-confidence and it could possibly send them into tears, I don't know about you but Ive seen it happen. This of course causes a negative response, which spreads like Mel Gibson's stereo types.
       People still have to keep all these negative things in their minds and obviously few have conquered this technique. Oh yeah and I really try not to hurt any ones feelings but If I ever I have... I'm sorry... I'm apologizes.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mother to son

 Mother to son was a poem I enjoyed because it didn't have any simple literature, there for it forced you to think deeply about the message of this poem. My theories were that the mother was  describing her life to the son. " Life for me ain't been no crystal stair", this probably means that the mothers life was no beautiful nor a easy stairway to higher success. this theory is also supported by the sentences " it had tacks in it, and boards torn up and places with no carpet on the floor-bare." These are rugid things.
       Yet the mother is also telling her son in my theory not to give up. " Don't you set down those stairs, don't you fall now." The mother also tells the son its gonna be harder in the end, if he does give up.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

       Freak the Mighty was one of my most appriecated childhood books for several reasons. Freak the Mighty consists  of many different lesson and morales, that are taught throughout the book. I found out about the book when my 5th grade teacher read it to us outloud. It definitley caught my attention for another reason, its ending. The ending is part of why the book is so amazing, its why Freak the Mighty isnt just another clishay.
       One of the lessons that appear in Freak the mighty, explains the importance of both physical strength and mental strength but  the book also implies that when both strengths are combined a human is capable of doing almost anything. For example when Freak and Max are being chased by a gang, Freak uses is mental capabilietes to think of a way to escape. He comes up with a solution to jump in the pond where there is mud. Max then runs to the pond and jumps in, the gang follows until their leader almost gets sucked in the mud. In the end both Max and Freak escape.
       Recently I had researched a movie based on Freak the Mighty called the Mighty. I did this mainly to see what the characters of the book looked like through the eyes of the directer. When I saw Max his description from the book fit him accuratley, yet in the movie he looked much more vulgar and tough. Even so this tought me a lesson, dont judge a person by their image. Most people who have seen Max in the movie would immeaditly identify him as a possible redneck. The truth is Max is a gentle,sensative, caring person. For example, The first time Max spots Freak in years, Max could of ignored him and gone on with is erans. Instead he walks into Freak's back yard and retreives a toy bird that Freak was trying to get down from a tree. Not only that but throughout the book Max carries Freak on his shoulders as well as bears with Freak through hard times.
       Most of the childhood books I have ever read in in my life time, have always contianed happy endings. Now of course this isnt a bad thing, cause who doesnt like happy endings? Sometimes you also need happy endings and not heavy ones since it might break a young childs heart. Even so happy endings can get boring at times and thats what made Freak the mighty such an original book, its ending. In the end of Freak the Mighty, when Max is being held hostage by his father, Freak brakes a window to the basement of the house and sprays finger juice into Max's father eye's. This gives Max enough time to escape. Even after this happy event, Freak shortly after dies. This puts Max under a seige of grief. This ending is so very perfect, because it has an even balance of a happy and sad ending. This is one of the reasons I appreciated Freak the Mighty so much.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

       One of the things that I researched that had connections with Freak The mighty, was the film, The mighty based on the book.
       I had already visualized the characters of Freak the Mighty through my imagination but now I was curious of seeing the characters through the directers eye's. I later discovered that Max fit his description from the book quete accuratley but yet Max looked slightly more rough and vulgar. Even so this taught me a lesson, that many people become aquanted with everyday... Never judge a book by its cover.
       Most people who would see Max in the film, would imeaditly identify him as a human who could hurt and possibly even kill someone. You see... The truth is Max is big but an extremely gentle and sensative creature, even if its hard to believe. For example, for the first time in several years Max sees Freak in the yard, trying to retreive a toy bird. Max could of just ignored Freak and gone on with his erans but he made a choice to get Freak's bird down from the tree. All through the book Max lets Freak ride on his shoulders, due to Freak's physical problems, as well as back him up in his critical situations.
       Who knows, maybe the directer of The Mighty tried to imply the same message.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

You need both

       One of the many special things about Freak The Mighty, are the several morales and symbols that this book contians. Like its lessons about physical and mental strength.
       One of those many lessons explain that both physical strength and mental strength are important but when combined, people can accomplish and succeed at almost anything. For example, when Freak and Max are being chased by a gang of redneck thugs, Freak gets an idea to run into the nearby pond, so Max runs into the pond and the gang of rednecks follow until their leader almost downs and they have to pull him out. The symbole that represents this lesson is the picture where Freak is sitting on Max's shoulders and even though max is tall already he is taller with Freak on his shoulders and even though Freak is small, on Max's  shoulders he is high up.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

       I think that charlotte is a true guardian of Wilbur because she protects him from threats and other animals that wan to harm him in any way they can. She is also a guardian because she educates him and credits him if he tries something and doesn't succeed.
       When the lamb over hears Wilbur talking about how his recent meals were wonderful, the sheep tells him that its because Mr Zuckerman is fattening him to later on eat him. This sends Wilbur in to panic and tears. Charlotte who feels pity for Wilbur yells at the sheep to silence him and tries to comfort Wilbur by telling him its not true. Not only that, but she promises to make a plan to save him. This is an example of how Charlotte protects Wilbur from threats and other animals.
       When Wilbur, for fun, attempts several times to make a spider web but fails, Charlotte, to try to make Wilbur feel better, explains to him that he lacks spinnerets, which is a substance that only spiders have to help them make webs. This is one example of how Charlotte credits Wilbur at something he tried to do, even when he didn't succeed.
       Charlotte would always tell Wilbur the reasonings of her actions and how she does things. For example when Wilbur sees her trap a bug, Wilbur asks her why she does that? Charlotte explians to him that, she traps bugs for their blood, so she can live. She also explains to Wilbur that before she kills the bugs, she injects poison within them so they wont feel any pain. Charlotte points out the parts of a spiders body too, for example, the Coxa, Trochanter, Felmur, Patella, Tibia, Metatarsus and the Tarsus. This not only amuses Wilbur but educates him as well.
       In my opinion, Charlotte is a perfect guardian simply because she does everything a guardian needs to do, educate, Protect and credit to build up someones confidence.