Wednesday, March 9, 2011

       A book that I have recently read is called A Little History Of The World. I enjoyed this book greatly, mainly because you feel like the author is your Grandpa, telling you a story about when he was young. Throughout the book the author includes important human time periods in every chapter, things from biblical times to World War 2. He also includes important figures in  different time periods. The biggest reason why I appreciate this book so much, is the fact that the author always gives the real history and also pitches in his opinion and link to modern time. This book can actually help America win the Afghanistan war, since it teaches about numerous Muslim tribes and their culture, which can help Americans win Afghan civilian influence. the author also presents different nations as if they were people. The way the book is written is also very nuetral, right or wrong is barely mentioned, only facts.
       The author includes a lot of human cycology throughout the book, for example when he mentions  World war 1, he includes all the super powers like U.K., U.S., Germany, Austria, etc. The author mentions that some of the nations attacked each other because they feared that others would get too powerful. This is a human emotion called fear.
       In the book, there is a chapter where Caesar gets murdered by his own friends, there is still a modern connection. The same things happen today in governments around the world. In Cuba Fidel Castro betrayed killed Che Guevara. Even in the mafia friends kill each other because of fear, jealous, etc.
       Another thing I favor about this book is its neutral style of writing and sharing information. For example, when the author writes about the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans, he never mentions who actually deserves Jerusalem, who is wrong or who is right. This is definitely one of the pros in this book, mainly because anybody, from every religion, culture or country will not be offended by what the author writes.