Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The main character of my book, from Where's my wand, has faced the coming of age by discovering the reality of the world around him. Along the book, the main character See's and experiences a lot of different things, that eventually completes his coming of age.

When the main character and his family meets his neighbors, he is immediately attached to them. Every now and then he stops by their home to be served with all types of delicious foods by the mother of the house, Elaine.
Soon after, the main character receives news that Elaine has cancer and is in the hospital. He is stunned by the news and is sad from then on. One day he decides to visit her in the hospital and See's her lying on the bed motionless and deeply ill. A few days later his home receives the news that Eliane is dead. This hits him hard, since this is the first time in his coming of age where he experiences death and loosing a loved one, which of course is all part of coming of age.

During a vacation to Kansas with his sister and father, the main character is riding on  a bus to a hotel. Along the way their bus unexpectedly hits a car. At first it doesn't look serous but the main character, while resting, learns that the bus he was on hit a car and killed to people inside it. This completely catches the main character of guard and he is stunned for a long while. This also is a part of coming of age, experiencing unexpected events that randomly happe

When the main character catches his friend with a BB gun he is later disgusted to find out that his friend Andy is actually shooting innocent creatures. He even runs to the yard and picks up a dead bunny, which he later on buries. The main character feels angry towards Andy and once even mentions the fact that he wants to grab the rifle and whack it over Andy's head until bleeds. This is also a part of coming of age, thinking differently about your friends and the actions they commit
Coming of age for my character happened through experiences like death and loosing a loved one, facing unexpected horrific events,as well as seeing a different side to your close friends.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Main character of my book, Where's My Wand? Is going through a time of change, that many are familiar to, puberty. Puberty, Isn't just getting taller or becoming more pretty, its also about growing up and seeing the illuminated world around you. There's beauty and hard experiences through out growing up and thats exactly what Where's My Wand teaches.
The main character goes through a lot of problems in school but you already know one of them is bullying. Tim, a bully, is constantly picking on the main character, physically and mentally. Throughout the book Tim calls the main character names like, "One ear", " pee stain" and many others. Along with that, Tim one day pantses the main character and throws him off a bridge, into a creek. There's one of the problems with meeting the real world, all the cruel people that are gonna hurt you.
As a young male child, girls weren't always your favorite creatures, it was those dreadful cooties that everyone was afraid of. By the time you reached thirteen, something changed about the girls and all of a sudden you started to notice the Beauty that inherits Women. Its as if you're walking through a garden and every flower is so different and beautiful from the other, in its very own way. A similar thing happens to the main character of my book. One day he comes to class and spots a new girl, Stacy. He then starts to describe her and her beauty, " Stacy was lanky, Blonde and beautiful, with a smattering of sun-kissed freckles across her nose." This i one of the beautiful parts of growing up, acknowledging pure Beauty.
Every bodies parents fight at least once, when your grown up, you realize the true reality of these fights, you can feel depressed or guilty. For the main character of Where's My Wand, he definitely feels depressed. When his parents are arguing and yelling at each other, he closes his door and goes to bed. This is just one of the several examples of what it means to grow up, its to feel pain.
Through out puberty and growing up, humans can have many different experiences. Some fun, some painful, some...just amazing. What ever happens, try to take it as it is because believe me when I say, Its going to happen.

Monday, April 25, 2011

A book I have recently read is " A little History of the world" by Gombrich E.H. I appreciate this book mainly because it portrays every nation as if it was a human with its own problems and psychology. The author, when mentioning historical events never mentions his opinion upon the event and simple shares information. Also When reading the book, the author keeps his writing on a personal level, which makes it comfortable for the reader.
When talking about World War,the author mentions how each nation is in an economical race against another, like France, Germany, Italy, etc. Feeling threatened, each country rushes to build powerful armies and navies, just to say " Attack me if you dare" , Similar things happen to humans. When in competition, humans rush to build strength and status, just to show each other who's boss and to prevent the other humans success. This situation almost always leads to war, which is mainly why World War 1 happened. This example does prove that in many ways, a nation is almost alike to its people.
"A little history of the world" mentions the year 70 AD, when Titus, the future ruler of the Roman empire conquers and destroys Jerusalem. Along with that the Romans destroy Jerusalem's temples, burn down homes, murder civilians and exile the Jews from Israel. Even though it was a truly evil act, the author never mentions his opinion. Instead he simple tells what happens to the exiled Jews-"They huddled together in prayer schools, after being scorned and exiled, still keeping there ancient traditions and religion." In the first place, not including an opinion might have saved the author from a serous argument.
At times reading about history maybe boring to some but when kept on a personal level, it could entertain most people. In "A little history of the world" the author, when mentioning an important fact in history, always adds a little question for the reader, like when talking about caveman the author asks " Do You know what else these caveman invented? Can you guess?". Another example would be, when the author is talking about the fires that happened in the Roman empire, he then asks " While the fires were burning down homes, What do you think Nero(Roman emperor did?" Keeping your writing at a personal level does indeed keep the reader interested in your book, as well as increases the book's popularity.
Talking about different nations as if they were humans helped me understand the picture of politics, leaving opinion out of historic events left me to understand whether a certain action was bad or not and keeping writing on a personal level helped me engage in reading. These reasons are why I praise " A little history of the world.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

       A book that I have recently read is called A Little History Of The World. I enjoyed this book greatly, mainly because you feel like the author is your Grandpa, telling you a story about when he was young. Throughout the book the author includes important human time periods in every chapter, things from biblical times to World War 2. He also includes important figures in  different time periods. The biggest reason why I appreciate this book so much, is the fact that the author always gives the real history and also pitches in his opinion and link to modern time. This book can actually help America win the Afghanistan war, since it teaches about numerous Muslim tribes and their culture, which can help Americans win Afghan civilian influence. the author also presents different nations as if they were people. The way the book is written is also very nuetral, right or wrong is barely mentioned, only facts.
       The author includes a lot of human cycology throughout the book, for example when he mentions  World war 1, he includes all the super powers like U.K., U.S., Germany, Austria, etc. The author mentions that some of the nations attacked each other because they feared that others would get too powerful. This is a human emotion called fear.
       In the book, there is a chapter where Caesar gets murdered by his own friends, there is still a modern connection. The same things happen today in governments around the world. In Cuba Fidel Castro betrayed killed Che Guevara. Even in the mafia friends kill each other because of fear, jealous, etc.
       Another thing I favor about this book is its neutral style of writing and sharing information. For example, when the author writes about the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans, he never mentions who actually deserves Jerusalem, who is wrong or who is right. This is definitely one of the pros in this book, mainly because anybody, from every religion, culture or country will not be offended by what the author writes.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

       Looking back at my classmates blogs, you can see that many of them have gone through hard periods in their lives, maybe a drastic change or death. Things like 9/11 were mentioned, deaths of relatives, etc.
       To even share and mention things like death, I find extremely brave and I give full credit and appreciation of those who stood up, talked and told.
       The way they expressed their feelings was original and unique. They included rhymes, metaphors and true symbolism. This not only drew the reader to the poem but it also allowed the reader to truly connect and feel  what the reader was feeling. In way you basically experienced the same things, just on a different level.
       Sonnets were also quite amazing, at some points I couldn't tell whether it was Shakespeare or a fellow classmate who was writing.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

       The Waltz is a confusing poem. The moment I read over it couldn't understand the father, was he an angry drunk or just...drunk? We even debated about it in class, child abuse or just a good time? man... I don't know ask somebody else.
       Well the kid did mention feeling a belt buckle, so maybe his dad is beating him. The kid also did mention the negative smell of whiskey coming from the fathers mouth, "it could make a young boy dizzy"
       Then again the Waltz is a fun dance, its also good music, that explains  why the young boy still clings on to the father's shirt, it also implies that the boy is enjoying himself and the time he is spending with his father.
        So whether or not this is child abuse... please don't ask me, cause once again I don't have a damn clue, come to think about it I don't even know if there's a message to this poem, but oh well who knows.

Monday, January 24, 2011

show your teeth

The Dopeman is standing at the corner, making society out of order, got his crack from over the border, but the cops just slack and dont attack, somebody better put a gat into his back.
        The gangbanger is playing his track, about pump led  from his mack, his caps will hit and then he will spit on the bodies, just like John Gotti. Hostile as hell but kills very well, yet he doesnt dwell but he always will tell, his gory story. Thousand of kids die in L.A., everday, some never living past the age of twenty, man there are plenty.
        Yet kids in town want to clown, why would you put yourself down? by not showing your teeth you already got beef. Stay with yourself, dont immitate, it will change your fate, don't rate others and take care of your brothers and mothers.