Wednesday, January 26, 2011

       The Waltz is a confusing poem. The moment I read over it couldn't understand the father, was he an angry drunk or just...drunk? We even debated about it in class, child abuse or just a good time? man... I don't know ask somebody else.
       Well the kid did mention feeling a belt buckle, so maybe his dad is beating him. The kid also did mention the negative smell of whiskey coming from the fathers mouth, "it could make a young boy dizzy"
       Then again the Waltz is a fun dance, its also good music, that explains  why the young boy still clings on to the father's shirt, it also implies that the boy is enjoying himself and the time he is spending with his father.
        So whether or not this is child abuse... please don't ask me, cause once again I don't have a damn clue, come to think about it I don't even know if there's a message to this poem, but oh well who knows.

Monday, January 24, 2011

show your teeth

The Dopeman is standing at the corner, making society out of order, got his crack from over the border, but the cops just slack and dont attack, somebody better put a gat into his back.
        The gangbanger is playing his track, about pump led  from his mack, his caps will hit and then he will spit on the bodies, just like John Gotti. Hostile as hell but kills very well, yet he doesnt dwell but he always will tell, his gory story. Thousand of kids die in L.A., everday, some never living past the age of twenty, man there are plenty.
        Yet kids in town want to clown, why would you put yourself down? by not showing your teeth you already got beef. Stay with yourself, dont immitate, it will change your fate, don't rate others and take care of your brothers and mothers.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My cat got no love,
its like a glove that keeps smacking your face
and its not because of your race.

I realized my cat cat got no love
because his eyes are cold but
very bold, which means,
he wants a challenge.

It scares me the way he glares,
from high above the stairs,
he stopped purring but he snares,
for all he cares I'm just a walking
salmon, to eat for fun,
I can't imagine what he would
do if he found my gun,
yes I would most definitely run,
its definitely the truth that my cat got no youth.
My cat got no love.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Oh royal cat, why must your glance be so flat?
Do I look like a tasty rat?
Am I possibly fat?

Oh royal cat,
Why are you so Judgmental?,
Why do you always talk mental?
Do you want to use my mind as a rental?

Oh royal cat,
you look just amazing,
but your eyes are glazing.

Oh royal cat,
I am no match for you and your mind,
it is something I will never find.
At first I couldn't find a single link between a young girl going through puberty and Russia. 1921 was of course the time of the Russian revolution, there was drought and starvation, people were dying left and right in the millions.Meanwhile this girl  is going through puberty but she cant grow, That's where it suddenly hit me.
The possible message the author was trying to convey was that, leaving a girl without food and water is the same thing as not giving a girl attention and caring about her, either way she will not grow into a beautiful mature woman, Its a lesson that some people have to acknowledge, its something that all girls need.
       This Poem is very symbolic as well. The young girl represents Russian itself. Neither Russia or the girl are advancing in a positive direction, Russia has a drought, the young girl can't drink, Russia has no food, the young woman is starving. But both Russian and the young girl have a potential to bring wonders to the world.