Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Main character of my book, Where's My Wand? Is going through a time of change, that many are familiar to, puberty. Puberty, Isn't just getting taller or becoming more pretty, its also about growing up and seeing the illuminated world around you. There's beauty and hard experiences through out growing up and thats exactly what Where's My Wand teaches.
The main character goes through a lot of problems in school but you already know one of them is bullying. Tim, a bully, is constantly picking on the main character, physically and mentally. Throughout the book Tim calls the main character names like, "One ear", " pee stain" and many others. Along with that, Tim one day pantses the main character and throws him off a bridge, into a creek. There's one of the problems with meeting the real world, all the cruel people that are gonna hurt you.
As a young male child, girls weren't always your favorite creatures, it was those dreadful cooties that everyone was afraid of. By the time you reached thirteen, something changed about the girls and all of a sudden you started to notice the Beauty that inherits Women. Its as if you're walking through a garden and every flower is so different and beautiful from the other, in its very own way. A similar thing happens to the main character of my book. One day he comes to class and spots a new girl, Stacy. He then starts to describe her and her beauty, " Stacy was lanky, Blonde and beautiful, with a smattering of sun-kissed freckles across her nose." This i one of the beautiful parts of growing up, acknowledging pure Beauty.
Every bodies parents fight at least once, when your grown up, you realize the true reality of these fights, you can feel depressed or guilty. For the main character of Where's My Wand, he definitely feels depressed. When his parents are arguing and yelling at each other, he closes his door and goes to bed. This is just one of the several examples of what it means to grow up, its to feel pain.
Through out puberty and growing up, humans can have many different experiences. Some fun, some painful, some...just amazing. What ever happens, try to take it as it is because believe me when I say, Its going to happen.

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