Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The main character of my book, from Where's my wand, has faced the coming of age by discovering the reality of the world around him. Along the book, the main character See's and experiences a lot of different things, that eventually completes his coming of age.

When the main character and his family meets his neighbors, he is immediately attached to them. Every now and then he stops by their home to be served with all types of delicious foods by the mother of the house, Elaine.
Soon after, the main character receives news that Elaine has cancer and is in the hospital. He is stunned by the news and is sad from then on. One day he decides to visit her in the hospital and See's her lying on the bed motionless and deeply ill. A few days later his home receives the news that Eliane is dead. This hits him hard, since this is the first time in his coming of age where he experiences death and loosing a loved one, which of course is all part of coming of age.

During a vacation to Kansas with his sister and father, the main character is riding on  a bus to a hotel. Along the way their bus unexpectedly hits a car. At first it doesn't look serous but the main character, while resting, learns that the bus he was on hit a car and killed to people inside it. This completely catches the main character of guard and he is stunned for a long while. This also is a part of coming of age, experiencing unexpected events that randomly happe

When the main character catches his friend with a BB gun he is later disgusted to find out that his friend Andy is actually shooting innocent creatures. He even runs to the yard and picks up a dead bunny, which he later on buries. The main character feels angry towards Andy and once even mentions the fact that he wants to grab the rifle and whack it over Andy's head until bleeds. This is also a part of coming of age, thinking differently about your friends and the actions they commit
Coming of age for my character happened through experiences like death and loosing a loved one, facing unexpected horrific events,as well as seeing a different side to your close friends.

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