Wednesday, January 26, 2011

       The Waltz is a confusing poem. The moment I read over it couldn't understand the father, was he an angry drunk or just...drunk? We even debated about it in class, child abuse or just a good time? man... I don't know ask somebody else.
       Well the kid did mention feeling a belt buckle, so maybe his dad is beating him. The kid also did mention the negative smell of whiskey coming from the fathers mouth, "it could make a young boy dizzy"
       Then again the Waltz is a fun dance, its also good music, that explains  why the young boy still clings on to the father's shirt, it also implies that the boy is enjoying himself and the time he is spending with his father.
        So whether or not this is child abuse... please don't ask me, cause once again I don't have a damn clue, come to think about it I don't even know if there's a message to this poem, but oh well who knows.

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