Monday, January 24, 2011

show your teeth

The Dopeman is standing at the corner, making society out of order, got his crack from over the border, but the cops just slack and dont attack, somebody better put a gat into his back.
        The gangbanger is playing his track, about pump led  from his mack, his caps will hit and then he will spit on the bodies, just like John Gotti. Hostile as hell but kills very well, yet he doesnt dwell but he always will tell, his gory story. Thousand of kids die in L.A., everday, some never living past the age of twenty, man there are plenty.
        Yet kids in town want to clown, why would you put yourself down? by not showing your teeth you already got beef. Stay with yourself, dont immitate, it will change your fate, don't rate others and take care of your brothers and mothers.

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